Knowledge of words and word meanings.

“Vocabulary knowledge is knowledge; the knowledge of a word not only implies a definition, but also implies how that word fits into the world.”

(Steven Stahl 2005)​

Continuum of Skills: Simple to Complex

Phonological expression, oral vocabulary knowledge, use of words in spoken language.

Whole word knowledge, applying prior knowledge to build meaning, new words learned through reading or explicit instruction.

Morphology: the meaning of base words, roots, and affixes supports acquisition of new vocabulary and background knowledge.

Syntax: The rules to make grammatical and meaningful sentences.

Pragmatics: The use of language in social contexts.


Assessment is the process of asking questions about students’ reading skills and gathering information to answer those questions.​

Vocabulary Screening Test

A Vocabulary Screening Test can found on p. 118 of this resource.


Evidence-aligned resources to support classroom practice.


ReadWorks is a free subscription based resource where you can select and assign reading passages to students and provide real-time feedback.

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